Thursday, October 2, 2008

A day in the life of...

I attempted to get some paperwork completed this afternoon while Charlie was awake and playing. Perhaps that was my first mistake.

He starts fussing not longer after, so I pick him up while attempting to change an ink cartridge on my printer/copier. I replace said cartridge and try to get printing, but then the frickin machine wants to eat yet another cartridge. I try to shove another cartridge in with barely a free hand and the damned thing decides it wants to have a meltdown.

Just as I start to get frustrated, Charlie projectile vomits all over my paperwork, me, himself, the camera, ink cartridge, and the carpet-bonus points to the bean for hitting more than five items at once with his throw-up. I strip us down right there and go upstairs to change us both into fresh, dry clothes.

Put Charlie in the middle of my bed as I pull on a t-shirt and he starts to fuss again just as I hear Malcolm vomiting in the other room. Loverly, I get to clean up vomit from not one, but two species today- what a treat!

I walk over to the fussbudget on the bed and as soon as he sees me he starts to laugh- real funny…the bean and Malc must be in on some joke to prevent me from accomplishing anything whatsoever today.

Thank god for baby giggles because I would be committed by now if not for them…
ha just as I finished this entry the bean spit up on my clean yogas, so I’m posting this in my underwear- oy is all I can say.


Olive said...

Malc probably puked in protest of not having his pictures posted in such a long time.

Just sayin'!

jaime "dolcedulcedoce" said...


Danse said...

lol, it's a conspiracy against Mommy.

K. said...

I feel bad that this post made me laugh, but it did. :) I can only imagine. When it rains, it pours!



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