Friday, October 3, 2008

Our fourth month

Dear little bean,
Wow little man, the time is just flying. Some more ups and downs this month with your reflux battles, but you already have so much strength that you inspire your Mommy.
You've been much more playful this past month, giggling, enjoying your exersaucer. Your favorite playthings though, are your toes. You can't get enough of your feet, in fact the other day I caught you trying to smush your whole foot into your mouth. You managed to get the big toe in, now I wonder if your going to be a toe-sucker versus a thumb sucker!

You love music and the silly songs I make up during the day, for a while you're favorite was "Shake, Shake, Shake....Shake, Shake, Shake...Shake your foody (to the beat of shake your booty). Mommy needed something to entertain herself during the many times she's mixing your formula.

You've been imitating more- sticking your tongue out and mimicking the sounds I make for you. You've also become very interested in Malcolm, you get excited when you catch site of him.

When I give you a bottle now you play gentle with my fingers- a stark contrast to the grabbing and tugging you like to do at other times-ouch!
You're twisting and splashing in the bath (not sure if you understand the splashing yet but...) AND you're getting closer to sitting up on your own strong boy. Towards the end of the month you started doing the tripod-woohoo!

The past week you've been opening and puckering your mouth when you see the bottle- it's totally adorable. The biggest, new thing we're doing now is solids!! It's been so much fun to see you discover and play with your food and new tastes. You prefer mixed cereal over oatmeal and barley and also love carrots-yeah! Let's hope the veggie proclivity continues...
I can't believe how fast your growing little bean. before I was a stop and smell the roses type, but it was more of a smell those roses quickly and check it off the list of things done for the day.
Now, my little man, thanks to you, I am able to relish the moment, savor the times that I hold you in my arms sleeping and not rush to put you to bed. I can watch your little face dreaming and wait for that moment where you take your big sigh, when you've completely relaxed and let go.

All my love,


Girl said...

What a cute little Bean you have there!!

Danse said...

Happy 5 months birthday! I love all the pictures, he's so adorable!

sept said...

ugh, he's so cute! and getting so big. i always love your letters, this one is no exception.

btw, he's pretty much the spitting image of you. he's got your eyes and your lips. he looks just like you!


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