Wednesday, October 1, 2008

5 month photo shoot

Here's our official 5 month shots!
I'm a little late on this and my monthly update-bad Mommy!

After a nice day with friends, we decided to stop down by the beach.
What a beautiful night it was.


Anonymous said...

um... you're kind of gorgeous. really. red is your color. ;)

psst, the bean in the second pic is totally flirting with me.
~ sept.

K. said...

OMG these pics are awesome. He is such a little man in the first pic, and you look great as always. :D


Kelly said...

Umm...I'm blushing ;o) Thanks Sept and BIC, you made my evening ladies!

Olive said...

You're such a hot mama. Loves it!

And I agree with Sept, Charlie is so flirting with us in the second pic.




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