Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bathroom Paint Job

Yesterday afternoon I hired a babysitter to watch Charlie so I could paint the bathroom. I am so happy with the color that some of you gave me feedback on (BM Pale Smoke), so thank you! It's the perfect shade of grey-blue that brings out the marble and the cabinetry; such a soothing color.
Here's a shot of the mini-hallway in our bedroom with the new paint color I put up this morning, Wedgewood Grey (also BM).

Now we just have to paint the trim, put up the vanity lights and we are almost there. Then Charlie's bathroom needs painting and vanity lights too.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

When the lights go out in the city...

We survived the major Noreaster but with no power for five days!
I'll be posting on that separately today as it was a big adventure.
Here's a shot of one part of our neighborhood
to give you an idea of the severity of the storm:
And here's a quick bathroom photo update.
Not too much has changed but we've had lots of bad weather and cancellations.
We'll get there...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Radio Silence

Our computer pretty much exploded about two weeks ago so if anyone has been wondering why there have been no posts, there you have it. We are getting closer to finished with the bathroom renovations and I can't wait to post some new pictures but still have to upload my camera software.

We are also having central air installed (so exciting!) and the landscaping projects are going to start up again since we are having some amazing 50 degree weather. My friends made fun of me for busting out my flip flops yesterday, but I am euphoric about the arrival of spring this year.

Charlie is bustling about and saying some two words sentences. His vocabulary is amazing now and it is so much easier to communicate. That being said we still have our disagreements when his priorities don't align with mine :o) I've been reading up a lot on the terrible twos and am convinced we are doing a pretty good job all around. But check back with me tomorrow, that could change!

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