Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Our Fourth Month

My sweet little bean,
This past month has been filled with many firsts, little man. You attended your first birthday party for several of your cousins. We had our first family vacation together. You also participated in your first lobster bake on one of the islands on Long Island Sound. You were quite the partier and had a full social calendar ;o)
Your tummy has had it's ups and downs this past month, but I think *fingers crossed; wood knocked* overall it's improving. You also have had your first cold, which has been not so much fun and has exacerbated your reflux. But one of my new Mommy friends noted, there is a bright side, you're stronger for having fought through it.

You've grown and changed so much more in one month that it staggers me in some ways. I was afraid to stop swaddling you, but when you grew too long and large for your heaven-sent Halo sleep sack swaddler, there really wasn't another choice. So I held my breath... and you did perfectly.

You love to look at yourself and flirt with me in the mirror, making it convenient for Mom when she needs to get her makeup done and your in the bjorn! Your talking to me more in your own little language, there are times when you mimic the sounds I make. When you're not 'talking' you are enthusiastically shoving your fingers in your mouth ;o)

You've discovered that you have *gasp* feet and love to grab onto those tiny toes to make sure they are still there. Another discovery-that there is a small, furry creature that lives with us, your big brother Malcolm!

Your aunt lent us an exersaucer (thanks Kris!) and an amazing thing happened the other day. I had shown you how to spin some of the toys before, but low and behold, you reached out and started to play all on your own. Now you're spinning around in it like crazy trying everything out. I nearly burst with pride when I saw you playing with that little toy, Mommy's little genius ha, ha!

One of my favorite things that you do now is kiss me. Well, this is how it usually goes: I will kiss you on your cheeks and chin (smooching noises included) and you open your mouth huge and slobber all over me with your tongue. It's hilarious and messy, but I feel like the luckiest girl in the world when you're showering me with Charlie-kisses.

When I was rocking you to sleep the other night looking down at your little angel face, I remembered putting your room together with Daddy months ago. Back then, I would walk into your room occasionally, look around and I couldn't imagine what it would be like with you in it. Now, little bean, I find it impossible to piece together how I stumbled along so long without you.

Thank you for bringing joy to my life every day little boy.
Love, Mama


Anonymous said...

AGH! a day late, but HAPPY 4mo BIRTHDAY CHARLIE!!! :D

Anonymous said...

... and now i have tears in my eyes after reading the entry. you always have the best letters to your son. ::sniffle::

Anonymous said...

the Halo sleepsack swaddle is now available in size 10-18 lbs. soon to be on line!!

Kelly said...

Aww thanks Sept! How are you and Porter doing? I hope all is well!

K. said...

Happy Birthday Charlie!!!

Your entry made me tear up. :)


Olive said...

No, I am not crying I just got dust in my eyes.



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