Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fill me up, hose me down

It was a sunny Friday afternoon and the bean had just fallen asleep for his lunchtime nap. I decided to make the most of the moment and run over to Trader Joe's to refill my freezer with yummy healthy pre-made dinners. We quickly went through the store without incident, Charlie was sleeping like an angel.

On the ride home I decided to fill up my gas tank, so I pulled over at a family owned gas station. The bean should have stayed asleep for at least another half hour. I start filling up and remember that this particular station doesn't have the credit card readers, you actually have to walk in to pay. Luckily after walking over to check on Charlie the nice employee notices and says he will bring out my receipt to sign off.

This is when things start to spin out of control. Charlie wakes up rip-roaring angry and starts to wail. I hear the gas pump click that I have a full tank so I kiss the bean tell him I'll be right back close the door and walk quickly over to the tank. I hear Charlie screaming from inside the car and since I'm only paying attention to him as I pull the nozzle out of my car it promptly sprays gasoline all over me , my car, the ground. One of the gas station employees is so kind as to let me try and wash up a bit in the back while he has someone else watch my car.

...Get back in the car and Charlie is now howling, red as a tomato. Since we are only a couple minutes from the house I decide to make a break for it and plan to calm the fiery bean once safe inside home. I try to pull into my driveway quickly and the garbage cans are toppled over on the ground in my way. By the time I get Charlie into the house I think he's going to blow a gasket.

The smell of gasoline is so strong that I have to strip out of my clothes right away. So there I was at about 3 pm feeding the bean in my underwear- the joy of motherhood :o)

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