Thursday, September 25, 2008


That's what my bathroom floor smells like. It seems as though whenever I feel like my life is spinning out of my control I am able to find a zen-like peace from cleaning.

With Charlie crying as much as he has lately I find myself scrubbing, spraying, dusting, disinfecting and scouring every surface I can get my hands on while he naps. I know I have a *special* type of OCD, one that requires the towels in my closet be color coordinated...but if that is something that offers me comfort and solace then I'm not afraid to admit it. Heck, there are worse disorders to have!

Excuse me while I go reorganize my linen closet for the fourth time...


Jen said...

i went nutso today too... i asked the boi to vaccuum and it's been a few weeks now that he hasn't done it. i hate looking around and seeing a mess. i got so mad, i did what i didn't want to do -- do it for him. but, now it's clean and he knows i'm mad. ::sigh:: at least i can walk around barefoot again without collecting crap on my feet. hahaha

K. said...

I always tell DH, better cleaning than alcohol. :) let me know if you need to move on to new territory. :)


Kelly said...

Jen you've gotta make that boi work!!!

BIC- I absolutely love your quote and will e usually it henceforth!


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