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Looking for the silver lining

Tuesday | May 27, 2008

Looking for the silver lining

We had a great weekend- Charlie, Joe and I travelled to both of my sisters to introduce our little guy to all his seven cousins on Sunday and Monday. Last night I had a visit from another lactation consultant (LC), I think this is the fourth or maybe fifth I've seen since the hospital.

She examined Charlie and determined that he was tongue tied (a condition that makes breastfeeding very difficult and painful- go figure). Went to the pedi today and she confirmed it. So now my poor baby has to have surgery tomorrow to clip the frenulum (the connective tissue that connects your tongue to your mouth).

The worst part- I am going to have to hold him down while they do this. The other option was to have the procedure performed in a hospital under anesthesia- we weren't going for that considering the risks for an infant to be 'put under.'

I'm trying to be positive about this knowing that it is not an 'optional surgery,' and that hopefully we'll be much more successful with breastfeeding after the surgery. I won't let myself cry about it because there are far worse conditions a baby could have and I'm extremely blessed that Charlie is happy healthy and thriving- he weighs 8 lbs 3 oz now.

The other thing that the LC mentioned was that I should be checked out to see if there is any residual placenta still remaining. This is because my milk supply, despite every effort and intervention I've made, isn't really increasing. So I called my OB and mentioned my situation. I was suprised when they told me to come in for an HCG blood test and ultrasound. I thought with a C-section they would have 'collected' everything, but there's a possibility they missed something. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

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