Saturday, June 7, 2008

Oh the 'places' you'll go...

Sunday | May 25, 2008

Oh the 'places' you'll go...

Many moons ago when we were going to see the bean for our big ultrasound appointment at 20 weeks, Joe and I were sitting in the patient waiting area paging through pregnancy magazines. Towards the back of one of the magazines there was a big ad section and Joe happened upon this picture of a woman with a double breast pump attached to this crazy bra-like contraption. We looked at the picture and literally laughed our heads off like teenagers because the photo just looked so absurd and bizarre.

Fast forward to this past Friday. I've been attending this fantastic post partum group at my hospital. I found out my hospital maternity store also carried the correct sized flanges that I needed for my pump. I'll digress here for a moment- I've been having a ton of pain from pumping and only recently learned that it's because I had the wrong sized flange or "nipple shield" as they also are known. So anyways, off I go with Charlie to the maternity store to buy my new, improved, smaller shields.

I see-as I'm paying- this breast pump bustier that promises to leave you hands free. I ask the girl if it really works- and she says Yes! Now listen, if you were attached to a milk machine 8-10 times a day for 20 minutes at a time anything that would allow you more freedom and mobility sounds absolutely amazing.

For those that don't know: most breast pumps are not hands free, meaning you literally have to hold the bottles that collect the breastmilk so not to lose suction and spill milk all over your lap (which I have done multiple times and nearly cried- yes, over spilled milk- because every drop is so precious at this point).

I ask the girl to throw in a new sexy bustier for me as well. Then it hits me. As I was walking to the car I realize that the very object I just enthusiastically purchased was also the same one I laughed at months ago in the magazine. Ah, the irony. Here's a shot of the newest addition to my lingerie drawyer:

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