Saturday, June 7, 2008

A letter to my son

I recently read about baby journaling in Dr. Sear’s Baby Book and thought it would be a great way for me to look back and remember how much Charlie has grown. Here is my first entry.


This first month with you has been a study in contrasts. While I have had quite a struggle (that continues) with breastfeeding, having you in my life makes everything sweeter and more beautiful. I always felt that your Daddy made my life more colorful and fun, so it’s of no surprise that when you came along that everything would become more precious.

I cried on the ride home from the hospital because we had made so many great friends at the hospital, but more so, because we arrived at the hospital a couple, but were leaving a family- all because of you.

I often watch you while you sleep, little one, and wonder what you’re dreaming of. I still can’t believe your were in my belly, maybe it’s because I thought you were a girl for so long –whoops! But my intuition must have told me something, because I gave away all those cute little girl onesies and a sweet polka dot cardigan sweater right before you came along.

I can’t tell you how much I love it when you wrap your tiny, strong hand around my finger. You also do this adorable toe curl every time I feed you where your big toes look they’re doing a “thumbs up.” You also let me know when you’re finished eating by giving me the most adorable pouty lower lip. I call it your locked and loaded position ;o)

Daddy calls you Houdini half of the time because, somehow, you find a way out of all your swaddling wraps and get your arms right back where you love them- near your face. Reminds me of my favorite ultrasound picture of you.

You love bath time. Mom and Dad still haven’t gotten comfortable with the baby bath tub we bought, it’s enormous for you now, so we give you a sponge bath. I think your favorite part is having your hair washed.

You’re always looking around, bright eyed, discovering this new world. You started to smile in your sleep, but I’ve yet to see that toothless grin when you’re awake- can’t wait. The other irresistible thing you do in your sleep- suck your lower lip. You’re also quite vocal, always grunting.

And, oh, the stretches- you look like you’re prepping for a marathon!

Towards the end of this first month I’ve noticed your fingers and face start to fill out; you’ve got the beginnings of baby rolls on those long legs. I can’t wait to see who you’re going to become little man. You were worth every nauseous day, every bit of pain, a thousand times over. I can only hope you know how much you're loved.

Love, Mommy

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