Monday, June 9, 2008

Purple boob monster

This past week I have had to apply a treatment of gentian violet to Charlie and myself to try and shake this Thrush infection. For those unfamiliar with gentian violet, it is possibly the messiest medication/antiseptic on the planet. It stains everything it touches. Even worse, it is water soluble, so although it will dry, as soon as water touches it an awful dripping purple mess ensues (think saliva for Charlie and showers for me).

My poor son has had purple lips, tongue, mouth (and purple beauty marks from spitting out the meds) for seven days now. Not-so-cute for taking pictures and going out in public. I'm sure people think he got a hold of a purple marker when I wasn't looking and sucked it dry. Oh and my boobs look like something out of some space porn movie, I'm sure I would turn an alien on.

In addition to the permanent marker, err gentian violet treatment, I have added two more meds to my pill rotation- diflucan and acidophilus. That brings my daily pill quota to 25+ pills- woohoo- That almost counts as a fourth meal! This whole breastfeeding battle is seriously beginning to wear on me, but I'll save that for another day, another entry.

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