Sunday, May 9, 2010

A beautiful Mother's Day

Charlie and I have had a rough several weeks with a new stage he is in (separation anxiety, defiance and fear seem to be the major overtones of this phase) so it was such a blessing to have a lovely day with my boys and family today.

I have been feeling very run down the last four days or so because of all the stress and either a sinus infection or allergies have been getting the best of me.

Joe and Charlie pampered me with breakfast in bed, scrambled eggs bacon and toast with apple juice. It was so special and we all shared the yummy feast in our bedroom. After cards and Joe telling me I could choose from a spa treatment or gym membership as my gift (thank you sweetheart for being so generous) I gave both boys haircuts. Charlie was not a fan of his makeover this time around and no amount of singing or Milano cookies could coax him into believing otherwise. So he really got a touch up :o)

We made it to the late church service. During the sermon I've been somewhat successful lately in giving Charlie a lollipop to keep him quiet. Not something I normally allow but it's a super special treat just so we don't disturb others until I can reason with my toddler a bit better- please don't judge! Well Charlie apparently adores cherry lollipops more than any other flavor because he was lip-smacking so loud that several people were cracking up laughing from his antics. So much for trying to be inconspicuous!

After church Joe and the bean hung out for an hour while I packed bags and got directions to the restaurant we were going to with my family. Lunch/dinner was absolutely delish, waaaay too much food as is always the case with my family. I had this delicious lobster and corn ravioli in a truffle cream sauce. And that was after calamari, antipasto, mini meatballs, and a shrimp veggie appetizer. Then they rolled out was seemed like seven or more desserts (peanut butter cake with some crunchy divine brittle, chocolate gooey cakes, mini ice cream cones, and sinful donuts with some sort of vanilla bean custard sauce to dip in.

The donuts were made famous at the Michael Jackson funeral and Joe tried convincing everyone at the table about this, but everyone laughed it off because Joe is a jokester. When the waitress confirmed that little trivia my whole family cracked up.

My niece Alexa made this hilarious comment when all the desserts were coming out. She said "they're trying to make us all fat!"

After that enormous lunch Joe and I said goodbye to my family and went over to see Joe's parents for a few hours. And now I'm home tired but happy and full (still hours later) and listening to my drying running as Charlie sleeps upstairs.

Here's a few shots from our day:

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like you have a lovely day. Happy Mother's Day! (By the way, sometimes a treat is a treat, no blame here! A treat for Charlie to have and some peace in church for you mom. :) ) Lovely family pictures!


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