Wednesday, May 5, 2010

2nd Birthday Party

Last weekend we had Charlie's 2nd Birthday party. It was the most beautiful, fun day.
My mom, sisters and their families, Uncle Frank and Billy and Joe's sister and her fiance were all in attendance. We had 80 degree sunny weather (this seems to be starting a pattern since Carlie's first birthday party was exactly the same weather-wise).

I am so blessed that I have an understanding husband that realized that his wife literally wilts in the heat and determined that central air would be a good thing to have for our family. The house was cool and comfy all day despite my oven working overtime.

Joe took Charlie in the morning to his soccer class and then picked up the cake and balloons I had ordered earlier. That gave me a few final hours of prep time which was so helpful. Our menu for the day was BBQ themed:
Appetizers (many from trader joes)
Coconut shrimp with a spicy apricot dipping sauce
Egg rolls with sweet & sour sauce
Feta and carmelized onion pastry bites
Blue crab dip and crackers
Artichoke dip
Chips & Dip

Main Course (Joe was a great grill master!)
Garlic herb butter stuffed hamburgers
Pulled pork and slaw sandwiches
Hot dogs
Chicken skewers with sweet Jack Daniel's grill glaze
Potato Salad
Pasta Salad
Corn on the cob (that no one ended up eating lol)
Onion rings

Birthday cake (from NY Bakery chocolate and decadent)
Oreo truffles
Chocolate chip cookies
and my Mom made two types of biscotti!

Next year I will edit my menu down because it was entirely too much food but everyone really seemed to enjoy everything. Oh and those hamburgers took forever to make, as in hours! Don't think I will be undertaking that again, unless on a small scale.

I had originally planned an activity for the kids to go with the construction/dirt theme (they were going to make seed bombs with dirt, fertilizer and flower seeds) but I'm glad I took a more laid back approach. The kids played in the bounce house we borrowed from a friend and played a bunch of baseball games in the front yard too.

I tried to be super organized about the food and it paid off because I was able to enjoy the party and see Charlie enjoy playing with his cousins. My sweet niece Ariana also played photographer for the day and helped snap some awesome shots.

Charlie was showered with amazing gifts from his family and he is loving every single one of them more than a week later. My family was so generous it was overwhelming :o)

We worked on thank you cards this week and Charlie drew pictures in each of the cards. It was so sweet watching him do it. He scribbled on his Mimas card and the scribble actually came out looking like a boat and he said "a boat!" and was amazed that he had done it. Then he drew an "A." My little boy is really growing fast.

Here's a few shots from our special day:

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Anonymous said...

WOW! What a wanna come over to my house and plan my next party? ;~p HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLIE. He is SO loved. What a ray of sunshine.


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