Saturday, November 21, 2009


I decided I wanted to make my own wreath this year, instead of buying a new one like I've done season after season. When I looked at Homegoods the prices of the nicer wreaths were ranging from $50-$75, kinda hard to justify for fake (or real for that matter)!

So I made a trip over to Michael's, coupons in tow, and bought a basic $5 fake fir 'frame' and then I bought a bunch of little swags that looked more like real greens. Some ribbon, a set of Walmart silver balls, florist's wire and battery-pack lights and I had all the major necessities.

I know she isn't perfect, the symmetery may be off a little, but I was never into the Martha level of perfection. Knowing I made it with my own hands for half the price is satisfying enough.

1 comment:

Amanda said...

ooh, it's beautiful! i may commission you to make ours!


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