Friday, November 27, 2009


One of the many silly faces of the bean trying to make me laugh :o)

This post is a day late but forgive me, I have a sick kitty and piles of to-dos.

I am so thankful for:
*My incredible husband who can fix anything, makes me laugh everyday and is the most wonderful father to our son
*My beautiful family that wrap their arms around me with their love and support everyday
*Amazing friends that are always there
*My faith and the knowledge that God is molding me and refining me to be a better person and better Christian as each day passes
*A safe and comforting home that we are turning into a haven for our family
*Joe's job that allows me to be with Charlie everyday and provides our family with money for the necessities and more
*the good health of all those I hold so dear
*my sweet kitty Malcolm

and of course, my sweet little bean, who makes everyday an adventure. Watching his eyes open up and discover the world is such a gift and reminds me of how even the little things in life are miraculous too.

I had to share this last little tidbit: today I got my first spontaneous hug from my little boy. Yes, he has come to me to share his love in other ways (pressing his forehead to mine, etc), but today Joe took him to Home Depot for a little outing. When they came back I was cleaning up at the sink and Charlie came right up behind me and gave my legs a big hug, totally unprompted. It melted my heart.

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