Thursday, November 5, 2009

A day in the life of...

Tonight I am so completely exhausted. Exhausted from Joe's trip away, dealing with a sick bean (he has developed a cough from his ear infection/cold), and I feel like I may be getting a cold. I have that scratchiness in the back of my throat and bone tired feel.

Joe flew back in town late last night which led to an even later night because we wanted to catch up. Then Charlie woke up at 6am which literally felt like a smack in the face. Gosh now I'm thinking of the days when he was up every two hours- not sure how I pulled myself through LOL.

Anyways, I'm babbling but the point (and yes there is one) of this post was that five minutes ago when Joe relieved me of my motherly duties for the bedtime routine I decided I would write a list. A simple little roll of all the things I can remember I did today. And here it is:

  • feed Charlie breakfast
  • feed Malcolm
  • make lunch for joe
  • wrap a couple gifts for a friend
  • change charlie into clothes for the day
  • change three diapers
  • give charlie his meds
  • play
  • read books
  • sort, wash and fold four large loads of laundry
  • organize laundry area
  • make snack for charlie
  • read more books
  • put charlie down for a nap
  • vacuum two rooms
  • complete menu planning for next week and research some ideas for winter months in cookbooks and online
  • write out shopping list for two stores
  • clip coupons
  • research weekly sales at store
  • clean up all toys
  • sweep the floor
  • very short nap for the bean change him two or three more times for the day
  • make lunch for the bean
  • go food shopping to two stores
  • unload car
  • clean out fridge
  • take out three bags or garbage
  • play more and read more books
  • take left over rotisserie chicken and shred meat and then freeze for enchiladas next wk
  • make snack for charlie
  • cut, core, slice 10 cps of apples that need to be eaten and make large apple crisp
  • play
  • check email quickly!
  • make homemade pizza since cheese will not last for much longer before spoiling
  • clean out the sink and start dishwasher
  • play
  • make charlie dinner- he refuses to eat any
  • lay on the floor for the last ten mins before Joe arrives in surrender with charlie practically jumping on my head
  • clean countertops and kitchen table
  • hand pjs, diaper and blankie to Joe and clean up Charlie's bedroom
  • blog!
And when I go to bed I will be praying for a good night's sleep!


Isabella & Max Rooms said...

Wow, exhausting! That is quite the list, I don't think I'd want to write mine, I'd then see why at times I get so tired!!
Hope you DO get a great nights rest!!

Kristen said...

I think a lot on your list would mirror my own. Hopefully you get some sleep!


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