Friday, October 9, 2009

Hooked on Crystal Lighting

I'm contemplating a sparkly light fixture in the master bath. Not sure if this is a good design choice or not, but I thought it would look pretty with polished chrome fixtures, white cabinetry and gray/white carrera marble- what do you think? As a preface to the pictures, this light would be no larger than 9 in in diameter; a petite crystal light.

This is an inspiration pic, no doubt its way out of the budget at $500+
Some lower priced options:
And this one although shown in gold comes in silver too:
Are crystal light fixtures dated or a 'do'? Please go see what everyone else is hooked on today :o)


Terry said...

There was one like these in my parents. As I child I remember being stunned when the builder showed how to change the bulb. He just reached right through the strings.

Jen said...

my grandparents have a crystal light fixture in their bathroom. the whole bath is tiled like a subway station (except in pink, agh!) and then there's this sparkly thing hanging there... my vote is for dated, sorry... but if you're looking for that kind of look or if you really like it, do it. it's your house, you can do whatever you want. :)

Kelly said...

thanks for the feedback, we are going to try for recessed lighting and maybe a mini chandelier instead!


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