Friday, September 18, 2009

Heirloom Party

I'm coming to this party a little late, but please take a look over at Marie's Heirloom Party. Here is my submission:

This is a civil war gun chest that my husband's grandfather gave to us several years ago. It is lovely and though, right now it sits practically unused, I have several ideas in mind for it. Joe is going to install lots of shelving, so we can really put every inch of space to good use. Please excuse the box in front of our heirloom ;o) it serves a temporary purpose: to keep the doors from opening up.

If the gun case does not stay permanently in our office as an adored bookcase then it may find life in our kitchen as a hutch for kitchen crockery and cookbooks. Since we are going to eventually have an all-white kitchen (ala Something's Gotta Give) I think a warm dark wood piece would really pop with the white.

In other news, we are working on getting our new front door to the right shade of deep chocolate, something between milk and dark ;o) Tomorrow is the second coat.

One design dilemma I am still grappling with is whether to stain the sidelights (panelled windows) or to paint them white. What would you do if your cedar shingle siding is a warm beige color with white trim?

White (or cream) Sidelights:
Stained Sidelights:
What do you think?
When you're finished looking through Marie's lovely website, take a look over at hooked on houses for another blog party. That's all for now, happy weekend!


Linda aka Heartfire At Home said...

Hi Kelly!

Lovely cupboard.... it will be interesting to see how it looks in your finished kitchen!

Of those two door pics you posted I like the effect in the first pic. Really makes the door pop and gives it a frame, although of course it makes the actual door its own smaller entity, whereas in the second pic the door itself looks bigger because of its surrounds.

The first pic tends to give separate emphasis to the side panels and the door, which I like in that instance.

Hard to know what it will look like on yours though without knowing what the side panels look like.

I like that the panels in the top one go right around the door and have the curved panel on top. Wouldn't look the same without that, in fact don't think I'd like it much without that.

And in the second pic the panels don't go over the top of the door, so wouldn't have that same 'framing' effect anyway even if they were a separate colour, but they fit beautifully with the curve of the door and blend together.

And the stonework is what you want emphasis on in the second pic, it's beautiful, so different coloured side panels would have detracted from that and made everything a bit of a mish mash.

Do your panels go right over and on top of your door? Or are they the same height as your door?

Linda. x :)

Marie said...

Hello sweet Kelly - love that cabinet! You couldn't see it, but my hand went up when you said you might try it in the kitchen. I can picture it there against the cream shade. Oh my, so lovely. What a great focal point for the room. In my humble opinion, I really like the look of the cream painted side panes!

Thank you for joining me for the party!


Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

I do like the painted side panels too, in cream. Good luck with your door project and thanks so much for stopping by!

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

The cabinet will be fabulous where ever it ends up. I wouldn't be able to make up my mind either about painting or staining the side panels. I like both photos you showed. Sorry I wasn't any help.

Victoria@WhimsybyVictoria said...

Hi! Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. We are currently in Rio Rancho...depending on when you lived here it has expanded and fast has become the 3rd largest city in NM! My husband however travels to ABQ everday to work on base...long commute. I love the gun cabinet...I too think it would be great in the kitchen! As for the door...I like the white to show the details and pop the door out...but the stained pannels add a more grand appearane. I think either would look good. You need to stop by and see my recent post. I have a link to Benjamin Moores color viewer where you can upload your photo and see what both would look like? It might help in the final descision. Will be back often to visit!

Hugs to you,

Kelly said...

Thank you for all of your wonderful comments and advice, truly appreciate the tie you took to share your thoughts. We've decided to stain the sidelights because it's much easier to paint over stain if we don't like it than to go the other way around. I'll be sure to post pictures soon!

Struggler said...

I'm just browsing through some of your previous posts, and I was wondering how easy each option would be to reverse, if you didn't like it.
Sounds like you're making a wise choice!


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