Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sleep Issues Revisited

Sometimes I feel like a truly awful Mother.

For the past week or so Joe has been putting Charlie down to bed at night. He seemed to prefer his Daddy (wouldn't cry or throw up) so we went with it. Charlie has also been teething like crazy for the past month with all of his molars in different states of break-through. Joe would cuddle and read to Charlie and then basically Charlie would point to his crib telling Joe he was ready for bed.

Unfortunately this has also resulted in Charlie getting up in the middle of the night wanting lots more cuddling time, so last night around 1 am we had to cry-it-out. There is nothing more heart breaking or stress-inducing than listening to your child cry for you and know that you can't answer those cries. Because if you do go, then it will perpetuate the cycle and you will spend the whole night up. So I lay there and listen to him cry and want to cry myself.

Tonight I had to put Charlie down early because he did not nap well and we just had an awful time of it. It doesn't matter how much I try to soothe him, he is inconsolable and sobbing to the point of gagging.

Thank God Joe walked in the door in the midst of it all and I was able to cry on him because I felt so horrible.

I didn't realize the sleeping 'training' as they call it would continue on and on, initially I thought it was a one-time process with maybe some refreshers needed along the way.

I'm not sure how we are going to address this with (God willing) the next child. I would not be opposed to co-sleeping a little but it's impossible with Charlie. Each time I have tried to bring him into the bed has ended up being disastrous. I know in the grand scheme of things I am helping Charlie be a more independent, well adjusted little boy that can soothe himself, but it's hard to rationalize when your baby is crying.

I'm off to go have lots of chocolate now ;o)


Anonymous said...

I am right there with you. Andrew is crying in his crib as I type this, actually.

No matter how necessary it is, it SUCKS.


Amanda said...

Ugh! I think listenting to them cry now is so much harder than when they were little, isn't it? Because they KNOW you're right around the corner. Smart little buggers. Hopefully it's jsut a growth spurt and those darn teeth. Hang in there!


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