Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Delish Summer Pasta

Last night I made this simple and very yummy dish off of Pioneer Woman's website. It was so good, Joe and I cleaned our plates- and quick. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.


SeaWorthy said...

Hello There!!
Dosent Ree make the best ever nummy-licious dishes? Do yourself a favor and DO NOT make the maple-cinnamon rolls..it makes 10000000 and they are to die for. I think I gained 10 pounds making them, not just eating them:)
This dish looks delicious, too. but they all do!
My upholsterer, of whom I am secretly in love with, is here in Aberdeen, on the coast..Charlie at Holcomb Upholstery is the very best in the business, he does mostly awesome old pimped out cars, and I always tease him that hes going to have one of those reality shows that we all have seen about motorcycles, ect. He just gets totally red faced. He is a lovely man and every time I take anything in, as I am trying to explain how I want it "just so" using my hands and talking waaaay too fast for a guy. He totally gets it.
Anyway, I am rambling, as ususal.
take care, chicklet! cute blog, cute girl, CUTE baby and Hubby, of coarsecourse!(I never know which one to use)
coastal nest

Kelly said...

Thanks Lisa, you are very lucky to have Charlie in your backyard. Thanks for the compliments and for stopping by :o)


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