Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Caught red handed

This morning I was making a marinade for some flank steak while Charlie was playing tin the kitchen. Everythign got quiet and I know that meant trouble so I peered around the corner to see what type of mischief the bean was making. There he laid, belly pressed to the floor while he feverishly scrubbed at the floors with his blankie. He turned and saw me -smiled then went back to his work. This is about the tenth time I've caught him in the act-of cleaning. Goes to show you how much i must be cleaning up for him to find it so much 'fun'. This is a new 'trick' I'd like to cultivate :o)
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Anonymous said...

That is Awesome! I love that about this age. My little man got a toy broom and mower for Christmas last year. Now he uses it to help mow and vacuum when we are. In fact, he gets really upset if he can't help! Too bad this phase doesn't last through the teen years!

Cristin said...

he is so cute and can wash my floors any day of the week!

thanks too for dropping by my blog.



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