Sunday, May 3, 2009

This time last year...

I remember being afraid to sleep while Charlie slept because he was so tiny and fragile. Now he likes to hang upside down in his Daddy's arms- what a difference a year makes.

One thing that has not changed that I wish had-the vomiting. I have not had the time to post much because of the moving/house selling but also because Charlie had a test at Yale New Haven Children's hospital this week because of his continued throwing up.

Oh, it was awful-I think I sprouted some gray hairs from the stress. Charlie had to be strapped down, I had to hold his arms down and all while a nurse shoved barium into his mouth. He was wailing, choking and having a fit- but what tore right through me was looking into his eyes and seeing the fear there. It was a short test thank God- I'm speaking with his specialist about the results tomorrow. Charlie is super picky with what he eats and has gotten much worse in the last month. In addition to that all the work I do to nourish his with good foods (lean proteins, whole grains, fresh fruit and veggies) is often thrown up at the end of the day.

Despite the tummy sensitivities Charlie is still thriving, happy and a real sponge- soaking up every detail in an experience that he can identify. He interacts amazingly well now too. He says 'vroom' when he plays with his cars, can say "up, light, mama and dada" and has this adorable sense of humor. He still working on the walking too, taking a few steps every day, but I'm told usually its a slow progression unlike the crawling.

Since I've been very focused on the new-old house when Charlie isn't awake I may start to include some of the design inspiration I've been collecting from different sites and include it on the blog.

I'm off for now to go and make bottles for tomorrow. Charlie has his one year appointment in the afternoon, I'm looking forward to talking with his doctor about a bunch of topics.

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Danse said...

I'm sorry to hear about Charlie having to go to the hospital :o(


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