Friday, May 8, 2009

New Tricks

Well it's official. My bean is walking. He started making the effort a few weeks ago, but the last two days he has really kicked it into high gear. If anyone has bubble wrap lying around I could use it since it's apparent I need to either A: cover every surface of my house with it OR B: wrap Charlie in it.

Here's the only shot I was able to snap of him in action today, he's so proud of himself when he's walking (and I like to be right beside him in case he starts to tumble).
Another recent favorite is flushing the toilet, lovely eh?
Refuses the sippy cup, but loves the straw

Those wheels are turning...

Happy Mother's Day weekend everyone :o)


Amanda said...

oh my...charlie is the SPITTING IMAGE of you in that last picture. gorgeous!

Brooke said...

So many babies are walking lately! I love Charlie. He is so cute!!


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