Saturday, May 9, 2009

Light and bright

Our theme for our new-old house is going to be comfy coastal. Not that I come up with themes for houses but Joe and I love all things nautical, so there you have it.

I'm currently knee-deep in paint chips. I'd swear I'm about ten chips away from having the whole Benjamin Moore fan deck. I should have saved myself the trouble and just bought the whole deck in the first place....

Since I'm not really going with any of the colors in our current house it's been a bit daunting trying to decide on a whole new scheme before we move in. I feel a little schizophrenic the way I sway between "Go for the dramatic deep color" or "Gosh, a creamy white is so fresh and such a perfect neutral backdrop for beachy theme."

On my most recent internet search for inspiration I have noticed one underlying detail about the rooms...they are all white (or shades thereof). Take a look:

Love the clock in this pic:
And the slipcovered chairs (but not the drapes) in this one:

This bedroom is delicious

As is this bathroom with the built-ins
And this bath with a mantel framing the tub
Lovely living rooms
Looking at these pictures gives me feeling of peacefulness. So maybe there's my answer, stick with shades of white. What do you think?


Danse said...

Ahhh, it all looks so breezy and nice to me, can I move there? LOL :o)

I've seen some people go deep color in their bathrooms and it looks really nice - maybe that would be a happy medium? We have a maroonish color in our bathroom with tan tiles - but I was flipping through a catalog that had a bathroom with white fixtures and deep blue (warm) walls - it looked really nice IMO.

It may be a bit easier to try and go room by room. Either way good luck and happy decorating!

Brooke said...

Ooh, I love that bedroom. That would be awesome.

GL with the paint colors. I have a horrible time picking colors!

Anonymous said...

What is your beans name? Or is that a secret?

Jen said...

personally, i like colors. to me a nautical theme is either above water or under the water. so i think you could possibly work with muted shades of blue, or above would be the colors of the sunset and the blue of the ocean. the only thing white there is boats and clouds and seagulls...

i like all these beautiful pics you found for inspiration for your home, but that white won't last long. kids are disgusting. (you might be planning to have more) they're going to draw on your walls and scuff them up in no time. (not that coloring them makes any difference, but it's just that much more noticeable with white walls)

Kelly said...

Thanks Danse, I have been going room by room. Will post more on that soon.

Brooke I have trouble too and have had to repaint rooms because of it.

Anonymous- The bean's official name is Charles Joseph but we call him Charlie.

Jen I hear you on the white walls and kiddies. Joe and I plan on having maybe two more so the plan is to do more muted shades to keep things bright but not stark. Thanks for your input!

Amanda said...

Kelly, where are you getting all these pics because they are gorgeous! I dream of exactly the same rooms...

I think you could do a lot of white, but there are some really beautiful pale shades out there that might take away some solid-white-starkness. I think there are muted greens and blues in some of those pics, but maybe they're not that obvious. Either way, know you'll do a fabulous job!


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