Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Our sixth month

My sweet little boy,

You'll have to excuse your Mama's tardiness in writing out this letter. The past month has been keeping me busy as well as preparing for the upcoming holidays. Anyways, onto the fun stuff...
You have become so mobile this past month that it is staggering. You went from sitting up on your own, sturdy and unsupported to bobbing and rocking while you sit (resembling a metronome- you can surely keep a beat). And then the rolling, one day I put you on the floor for a second to grab some paperwork from the desk and I turned around to find you rolling across the floor and under our bookcase. You laughed when I caught you in the act and came over to fetch you.

You've also been attempting an army crawl, or what I more fondly have dubbed 'the inchworm,' where you scoot your tush in the air and then flatten out and push yourself along. You also adore jumping, so much so, that I bought you a jumper. More details on that next month.
You're getting so much more coordinated with those chubby little fingers of yours. You pick everything in reaching distance up and examine objects like a scientist. Flipping things back and forth, you try to get a view from every angle. You somewhat successful at holding your own bottle and sippy cup- at times.

Speaking of your hands, you love, love, love touching different textures. The glider in your room is your absolute favorite thing to touch. It is a thin waled corduroy and you enjoy listening to the sound the fabric makes when you splay your fingers after making a fist over and over.
You're more vocal testing out your voice and babbling mamama and bababa with some consonants mixed in for good measure. Depending on your mood you can be a flirt/social butterfly in public. Although sometimes when we are out running errands you can be shy and shrink into my shoulder if I'm holding you. I love it because anytime I can snuggle with you is a good time :o)

When you can't reach something you want you do this adorable 'grunt and stiffen' (your arms) in frustration.
You love music, but especially country. When you were still in my belly I had bought the Garth Brooks box set and played him through much of the third trimester-but let me tell you there is some magic in Garth's voice. There are times when you can be super cranky in the car and the ONLY thing that makes you happy is listening to #16 "Wrapped up in you." It is like turning a switch- amazing.

The other night I was holding you asleep in my arms and this wave of love and joy just rolled over me. As each day passes the depth of my love for you grows in ways I can't even articulate.

I feel so blessed that your reflux has improved and you're feeling so much better. I feel so blessed that right now I can be home with you and have you all to myself- selfish Mama! But more than that I feel so blessed that God chose me of everyone on this Earth to shelter and guide you. Some days I wonder if I could be doing a better job, but always know, my sweet boy, that with each new day I will try my best to make you feel safe, comforted, cherished...treasured.

All my love,


LoriLu said...

omg, LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures! Don't you just love your camera?? Micah adores his jumperoo. He will play in it for hours on end if I would let him. Hope you are doing well. :)

Shannon said...

What a beautiful post, a mother's love for her child is so wonderful! And the pictures are just as great, so cute!


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