Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bad Blogging Habits!

I'm so behind on writing my monthly letter to the bean, but the past few days have been very busy- keeping me from getting the task completed.

Halloween was a fun day. We spent it at a little party with other baby friends during the day and also visited the in-laws.

Yesterday we had to get our car fixed up (it had recalls on it needing repair) and vote. Fortunately, I had nothing else planned for the rest of the day because Charlie was in a 'fit to be tied' mood. He wouldn't nap and every time I tried he would have a meltdown/tantrum/let-me-arch-my-entire-body-and-scream-bloody-murder reaction. Not so much fun.

Luckily, in this case, the 'sleep begets sleep' theory did not ring true for us, because when he finally did go to bed (after trying 8 times) he slept from 7pm to 4am. He then ate and went back to sleep until 730.

He's lucky he's so damned cute. My frustrations and stress all melt away when I see him all curled up sleeping like a little angel.

Here's a few shots from our latest photo shoot, the preppy bean:

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sept said...

love the argyle!!


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