Friday, November 7, 2008

Our fifth month

My sweet Little Bean (fast becoming a little man!),

Another month has come and passed, I can't believe how quickly time is flying. At this rate you're going to be asking for my car keys in a few months.
You're becoming stronger every day. At the beginning of the month you were practicing your tripod skills and now you are full blown sitting up on your own. It's amazing, one day you just decided, 'enough of this, I want to sit!' Of course, there are times when you topple over, but I've been lucky enough to always be very close to catch you when you fall. I pray that I will be able to be there for you, my arms a safe place to fall, for many more moons.
You are completely enthralled with Malcolm, your reaction when you see him is a combination of the following: blowing raspberries, thrashing/jumping up and down (if you're in your exersaucer), reaching your arms out, breathing heavily and Malcolm's all-time favorite- squealing. Malcolm's reaction to you ranges from fleeing the room as quickly as possible to slightly tolerating your presence if you want to pet him. I call it progress.

In the morning when you wake up in your crib, you love talking to yourself,(or as Daddy calls it- shouting) and playing with your feet. You also love having conversations with yourself in the mirror. Lately, you've been singing along when I sing to you, it is so adorable.
You're reaching for everything now, from your toys to Mommy's dinner. Your exersaucer has taken on a new purpose as you have discovered different ways to play with all your toys. Speaking of playing, you love to cook and bake with me, you sit in your bumbo and hold all the measuring spoons and cups while I mix the ingredients together.

Your favorite toy for the past month has been...drumroll...a red plastic cup. Who knew, but you think its magical when I pour your bath water out of it like a waterfall. You try to catch the water with your hands every time. The other day I caught you grabbing an empty cup with your feet and bring it up to your hands like a monkey (while in your bumbo). Now that's talent!

At night when we put you down to sleep you look like the sweetest thing on earth, little man. You see you sleep on your side now, all curled up just like a little person. You wearing out your sheets with all the circles you make around your bed.
I check on you countless times before I make it to bed myself. Daddy thinks I worry about you and that's why I check in so often, but I will tell you a secret. I know it may sound funny, but I miss you when you sleep. However long the day- even if you're having a tough one and don't feel good- there's never enough time I can spend with you. I will tell you the truth, there will never be enough time. One day you're going to grow up on me. So for now I will indulge in my need to 'check on you.' We'll keep that our little secret :o)

All my love,


Anonymous said...

Bravo. Well written. Beautiful pic's of a very happy baby boy! You are obviously doing so well as a Mama. My how the time flys. I hate to mimic your words, but I feel the same way when it comes to checking up them when they are fast asleep. This post brought me near to tears. What a good Mama!

K. said...

What a beautiful letter to your handsome little man. I agree--B. says if I need a break I can move the bassinet to his side of the bed...I don't tell him this, but I just can't do it, because I love being able to roll over and just make sure she's still there, close to me--I'd miss her too much if she was any farther away. I can't believe how much he's grown...and look at how happy he looks! I know there have been days when it's been a really tough road, but you're doing such a wonderful job!!!

Danse said...

What a wonderful letter and beautiful pictures - he looks like such a cute little man. I have seen a Malc picture in a while :oP

sept said...

not only do you have one of the cutest kids on the planet, but you've got an equally cute wardrobe to go with him. color me jealous! ;)
it's fantastic to see a pic of malc. i've been wondering how he's been.

Kelly said...

Thanks so much ladies, it makes me happy knowing that what I write does actually touch the hearts of other women.

I think about the day I will share all my letters with my little boy- I hope it helps him to understand how deeply he is loved.

Oh and Sept- everything in the pictures is Old Navy ;o) One of my favorite stores on the planet.


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