Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Just another day in paradise...

This past Sunday Charlie was having a rough go of it. He hasn't been sleeping well at night or napping great during the day All that makes for a very cranky boy when you throw the reflux into the equation. Below is a shot of one of the few moments he was not crying/whining while on our pumpkin-picking-outing.

Last night I was trying to get Charlie to settle in the wee hours of the morning without much luck. I tried rocking him, patting his toosh, singing, using the sleep sheep sound machine, mobile with stars, soother... In the midst of it all, poor Joe was trying to sleep and had pulled his pillow over his head in an attempt to block out some of the noise.

After my sixth attempt to come back to bed, Charlie went into the whimpering/moaning cries again. Then Malcolm decides he wants to flee the area- to try and find some quiet- and walks over Joes pillow. Mid-walking Malcolm starts to have an asthma attack right on Joe's head. So now my husband trying to get some ounce of peace is trapped under his pillow by the cat and Charlie is crying away. I had to laugh, it was far too comical a scene.


Blythe said...

Maybe next time he will have more fun!

I cannot help but laugh at the whole pillow scene too! (sorry Joe!) However, nights like that have to be draining!

Anonymous said...

I love this picture!!!!! Thanks for sharing


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