Wednesday, October 8, 2008

And then a respite...

Last night I decided to put Charlie in his crib for the first overnight 'stay.' I had napped him in it before to get him familiar with the new surroundings. I also figured since I was already barely getting any sleep that I might as well start this transition for him, since he was far too big for his bassinet.

The night went amazingly well ::insert a big exhale:: He rustled in there off and on for the first few hours, but then settled in. At three he woke up because he had rotated completely sideways and his head and feet were touching the edges of the crib. I was able to get him to back to sleep fairly easily. At six he woke up hungry but after about a half hour of soothing him, he went back to sleep yet again!

Of course I didn't sleep great worrying about him and wondering if he would be ok so far away (insert sarcasm ha). But I still had the best nights' sleep in as long as I can remember, so that's a triumph in itself.

My little boy is growing up. I'm going to miss him being so close at night, but letting go is an essential part of being a parent- a skill I need to learn sooner than later.

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sept said...

woot!! porter LOVES his crib. he doesn't sleep very well anywhere else. i'm so so happy for you after reading the previous post. yay, keep up the good work charlie!!


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