Sunday, August 31, 2008

And then the sun shone down

This morning started off rocky, but when I was in the depths of a woe-is-me attitude Charlie showed me his shining little happy spirit, showered me with smiles and coos, and he dug me out of it. Amazing that my little boy is already teaching me lessons in hope and strength- it's quite humbling.

The rest of our day was spent out on the boat. I'm pretty sure the bean is going to be a water baby. He was so easy going and content to just take everything in and look around. I'm so lucky to have him. The best thing about the afternoon: Charlie pretty much kept all his feedings down!

Here's a shot Joe took the other day after I just got home from my first hair salon appointment in over a year and a half-woohoo!
Thanks to Joe for giving me the opportunity to pencil in some alone time! Here's a new mantra of mine: In order to be a good nurturer I must also nurture myself.


MonkeyButtWhat said...

Kelly!! I know you are having a hard time with Charlie and I am so sorry. I hope it starts to get better.

You look so wonderful in this picture!!!

Amanda said...

You look gorgeous and Charlie is getting so big despite all his're doing something right for sure! He looks so darn happy in his mommy's arms.

Olive said...

Holy crap, you look gorgeous! I am jealous. :)


Anonymous said...

look at you pretty lady, you look awesome!! little charlie's so handsome. sorry you're still having so much trouble. a friend of mine was telling me that before formula, when babies had trouble with mommies milk they were given goats milk because it's so gentle on their tummies. maybe worth mentioning to your pedi if it hasn't already been discussed. gl girl! i still think about you all the time. :)


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