Friday, July 4, 2008

Our second month


Your second month here with Daddy and I has been quite a memorable one. We had some big "firsts" that I won't soon forget. You gave us your first big smile (Daddy first, then me) and coos, they were absolutely amazing. It was as though one day you just woke up and decided that you were going to try and teach us your language.

You giggle now too and I savor those moments, because your poor sensitive tummy has been giving you a lot of troubles lately. We're hoping that the medicine and new formula will help you feel better soon and get the reflux under control. There have been days were you cried all day long and then I cried along with you. Not being able to do anything to soothe you (and feeling awful for you because of that) makes a mommy feel quite inadequate at times. I'm hoping and praying that we may be turning a corner.

Anyways, back to happier things. Your neck has become so much stronger and you hold that adorable head of yours taller so you can see more of the world. You absolutely adore looking at all the paintings we have on our walls and the black and white photos of our family that we have in your nursery. For the time being you seem to prefer those paintings (because at times I catch you smiling at them), but don't worry I won't tell the family ;o)

You grunt a lot! And you've started to suck on your fist and make the funniest slurping noises when you do.

Last weekend you had your first boat trip and you did so great. I think the gentle rocking helped you get a nice restful nap. We had to come back not because of you, but because we ran out of formula!

Back to those coos, when you get excited as we're having a conversation your breathing quickens and you sound like a little puppy. The other day I had you resting on my legs so we could have one of our 'talks', and something hilarious happened. I blew a raspberry and you were completely amazed. Your eyes nearly popped out of your head. I blew you another and another and you were enthralled. There I sat in our living room laughing like a fool while you tried to figure out how my lips could do that.

Well, my little bean, I almost feel as though you're growing too fast. Despite the fact that you are a whopping (ha- insert sarcasm) 10 lbs 10 oz, there are a bunch of clothes that you already are too big for. I feel as though I need to snap more pictures and capture more video of your little self.

It's crazy because time takes on a new meaning once you become a parent- you won't know this for a long time little man. In some ways there is no meaning; minutes can stretch out into an eternity and weeks can breeze by in the blink of an eye. I'm going to savor as much as I can.

Love Always,

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