Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lessons in patience...

Today Charlie would only eat an ounce at each feeding. Then tonight Joe and I were able to coax him into taking a whopping three ounces after dinner and we were so happy to get just a little more in his belly.

Well all of ten minutes later Charlie was crying (as he often does in the evening) and apparently that was enough to make his stomach want to empty its contents completely.

Back to square one, it can be so defeating at times. His last two meals, sticking to his onesie, not where they should be. He was so incredibly upset (rightly so) because it came out of his nose and I'm sure that burned and hurt even more. We plopped him right into the bath and within minutes he was smiling with those beautiful blue twinkling eyes. Mama was not in the same frame of mind, it's harder for me to recover.

He's sleeping peacefully right next to me now. It's quiet times like this that I will look at him and am in total awe of his beauty, it catches me in my lungs (if that even makes sense). He is the air that I breath. I pray that we can find a way to help him feel better...and soon.

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