Friday, July 18, 2008

A crazy busy week...

You ever have a week that by the time you get to Friday you can barely remember what happened to you on Monday? That has been my week.

I'll run through the things I can remember ha, ha. Monday I was still recovering from the baptism and just ran out of the house to get groceries. Charlie did great until the evening when he had another bout of crying for hours.

Tuesday we had a Mom group through my pediatrician's office and I ended up getting Charlie weighed because he had not been eating well and was getting fussier. He did gain weight but still is small for his age so my pedi and GI doc wanted us to increase the dosage for Charlie's meds yet again.

Wednesday was an adventure. Charlie and I took our first trip to Long Island alone to visit my sister. It was wonderful, but the time flew by too fast. My stomach was in semi-knots from the three + hours of driving on my own but Charlie was a dream baby and slept through most of the trips. Of course we made up for it by the time we got home and he gave me his evening tears.

Thursday was hot, hot, hot! Went for a walk at the beach with some local mommies and ended up chatting for hours and having lunch together.

And finally today we had another mom group get together (my saving grace and an open therapy session!) Spoke to the docs yet again as the bean has been-err-vomiting more the past few days and started to make me worry. So now we are adding oatmeal cereal to his formula to try and keep it down where it belongs-in his tummy.

A recap of what Charlie gets at feeding times: super expensive liquid gold formula, prune juice to prevent constipation from super expensive formula, oatmeal cereal to keep down formula, prevacid and pepcid. I think we're seeing an improvement, which is awesome- because I'm not sure if I could juggle another addition in the current rotation!

11 weeks 4 days

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