Sunday, July 13, 2008

A beautiful day.

Little Bean,

Today was a big day for you, little man. You were baptized. Mommy spent most of the morning sick to her stomach worried that you were going to wail through the whole church service, but you were a little angel. You cried only when pastor took you from my arms and gently poured the water over your head. But then you settled in fell asleep. I was so happy to see you peaceful that I just decided to hold you in my arms for the whole service, rather than put you in the car seat. Actually, I was too chicken to put you down because you were being sooo good!

We had a fantastic brunch- at this beautiful Italian restaurant on a local golf course- with all your cousins, three fairy godmothers (as I fondly call them), Mima and the rest of your family. The food was fantastic and your cake was delish too-sorry you couldn't enjoy little bean, we'll have to make for lost time when you sprout some teeth! Everything was so relaxed at the restaurant and the weather was gorgeous, so everyone could enjoy the deck and the pretty view.

Then we had everyone over at the house, we baked cookies and cupcakes with the cousins, played in the garden, picked bouquets of hydrangeas, watched tv and just had a great time together. We also made a stop over to Grandma and Grandpas.

Daddy and I both felt so blessed to have family celebrate this special day with you. It couldn't have been more perfect.

10 weeks 6 days old

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