Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The start of 'school'

I apologize for my absence in blogging (not there are many that read this blog these days) I have found it hard to come here and write about what is going on in my heart because I am trying to drag myself out of that 'woe is me' attitude. Each day I keep finding out about more and more friends that are pregnant and though I am so happy; blissful even for them, there is a small part of me that is feeling empty and sad just for myself.

I was hopeful that this month was going to work out and now it is definitely not looking good. So we are going to move onto the next step, seeing a specialist. By my research it's been about 5 months since I last ovulated.

On to a happier subject: My sweet big boy had his first day of nursery school at a local nature center here not 5 minutes from our house. He loved it, he got to pet a turtle last week and this week, a white dove named Paloma. Charlie adores all animals so this is quite the special treat for my bean. Charlie also started bible study again with me (he is in a seperate baby bible school) and he did amazingly.

He hasn't cried once at either school, he was a touch clingy on the first day, but he just amazes me. We've come so far since last year where every bible study I would pray fervently for him to enjoy himself and he would end up wailing for 2 hours.

Charlie's personlaity has just exploded in the past few months, his vocabulary and ability to speak in sentences and share his thoughts astounds me. His favorite thing to ask is "doing?" As in 'What are you doing there Mama?' We are still in love with diggers and trucks. He still has that gentle spirit and today I even noticed him cleaning up after himself totally unprompted when he was going to bring out more toys. He is my sunshine.
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Amanda said...

yay! i always love to see a new post (and photo) from you. good for charlie..all grown up these days. :) we do need to get our "twins" together!

Anonymous said...

Look how he has grown! Unlike the first year where there is very obvious growth to the eye, this year is almost passed by but to parents so much change can be seen. Their vocabulary and understanding grows by leaps and bounds instead rendering them more into little boys than the babies we had not so long ago. The warp speed in which their understanding and vocabulary is growing is hard to keep up with to include those who aren't around them everyday because life takes on a new role for us moms, co pilots in their new found discovery. What a wonderful time.

I will definitely keep you and your husband in my prayers and that you would be blessed once again with another baby. I know the desire well especially when there are others going through where you want to be.

God Bless!

~ Kim

Kelly said...

Amanda- let's try to plan a gathering!

Kim thank you so much for your kind words and especially for your prayers- I deeply appreciate your compassion and thoughtfulness!


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