Monday, July 5, 2010

26 months

My dear boy,

It's been far too long since I've thrown an update on all your milestones and new activities so here goes...

At 2 yrs and 2 months you can:
-Say your last name and the town we live in
-Count to 20 somewhat consistently
-You lace your fingers together to pray twice a day (at dinner-time and bed-time)
-Eat chicken soup on your own very well (this may not seem big but for a child who basically refuses to eat veggies 99.9% of the time, Mommy considers this a huge victory)
-Walk down stairs with little help from Mommy (I basically hold out a limp hand)
-Ask to go on the Elmo potty and have consistently gone poop and peepee on a nightly basis. I am doing this solely on your interest level, really didn't want to start the training so early, but we are taking a no-stress approach to this right now.
-Use sentences for everything. "Need more smoothie please" :o) "Where's crabby- there he is!"
-You parrot back what I say as well as what others say. When we were stuck outside Trader Joe's a week ago b/c of a fast summer shower a lady beside us said "Oh Geeze" and you promptly parrotted that back to her.
-You love apples and samples when we are food shopping (Traders and Costco are our favs)
-You mimic your friends and then crack yourself up doing it.
-You love playing in the bath with your crabby, and dumping water over your head.
-You love reading and pretend to read to yourself, it is so sweet.
-You love to sing itsy bitsy spider, ABC's, and the wheels on the bus but you love all music.
-You know some of your colors but some days everything is blue, lol
-You want to sit in your big boy booster seat for every meal now, so we eat together at the kitchen table and it's so wonderful to look across at my sweet boy :o)

I still miss you when you are asleep my dear boy, but I doubt that will ever change.

All my love,

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Brooke said...

I refuse to believe a number like 26 months can exist in the lives of these boys. He's growing so fast! Miss you, I never get around to Blogger anymore!


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