Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend in Review

I never gave a recap on Easter so here it is- We had a phenomenal day! I did a ton of prep on Saturday and as a result we were able to go to church together and then come home and get the monstrous ham in the oven. Having an organized plan really helped save me form being a major worry-wort. The ham and stuffed shells came out great and all the side dishes my sisters and mom made were absolutely delicious. We had way too much food from appetizers to dessert but that's the way it always is with our family.

The kids had fun with our little egg hunt and played outside enjoying the beautiful sunny weather. It was so nice to host everyone and I had so much help cleaning up that the house was in pretty good shape when everyone left to go home.

Here's a shot of my bean before church, it was a quick shot and his eyes are half open but we were in a rush.
One thing I do regret is not getting a family picture. Joe and I are so awful at getting pictures together, it's pretty bad. I need to work on that before the next big birthday arrives in a little more than two weeks!

This past weekend we were blessed again with gorgeous weather and Charlie had his first soccer class. It was so cute, he and his buddies had a great time and the instructor was a lot of fun and really patient.

After soccer Joe took a load of tree branches and roots to the dump and then we took a long, sunny walk together. We also made it to the beach and Charlie played in the sand, on the slide, fed the seagulls and explored.

Sunday we went to church in the morning and then spent most of the day outside working on the yard. I actually had my hand at the backhoe and dug up some tree stumps- it was fun playing the the big boy toys! All in all it was as perfect a weekend as it could have been because we spent it together as a family in the warm sunshine :o)

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