Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Under the weather

We are just getting over a nasty tummy bug at the house but I wanted to share a couple updates.
Owen is doing great adjusting to our house and family. I caught him and Joe napping on the couch the other night. He is very gentle and so sweet.
And we had the marble deck installed for our tub on Monday. Joe and I primed the walls in both bathrooms and today the floors in the master will hopefully be laid down :o)

And Charlie is doing great since his surgery (with the exception of the stomach bug). His surgery was over in about 15 minutes and I think I suffered more than he did. I just realized that I never posted about that big day.

It was very difficult for me to see him on the operating table. He looked so scared and, though the anesthesiologist said he would be out in seconds, my little stubborn guy would not succumb to the anesthesia for what felt like minutes. The doctor exclaimed, "wow, he has quite a tolerance!"

After sitting in Charlie's little waiting room for twenty minutes I heard his cries and knew he was probably being wheeled to recovery. It took us about 45 minutes to get him to calm down but once he did he was back to his old self. To be honest the stomach bug he just had was far worse in comparison to the surgery. I was more exhausted from the emotional workout then anything else.

Well, that's it for my quick update, more to come!


sandy02 said...

We need a Charlie update! How was the surgery, how is he doing?? :0)

Brooke said...

Oh boo for a stomach bug! How is Charlie? I miss you guys!


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