Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Answered Prayer

I had Malcolm for 11 years. God blessed me so richly by bringing Malc into my life. When I went to the shelter at the Humane Society in Albuquerque, NM there were a lot of cats there that day. I asked the volunteer to take the near emaciated black and white kitty out of his cage just so I could pet him a second. As soon as she put him back in his cage he cried so loud that we laughed because we couldn't even hear each other speak over his meowing. I still remember her saying, "Well it looks like he made his choice."

Then when I was making the donation to get him, the girl at the front desk told me he had been sent to three different shelters and they were planning on putting him down in the next few days if he didn't get adopted. God was working through both of us.

Malcolm was such a loving, beautiful little spirit. Last night I was praying to God for a sign just to know that he was OK and had made it to heaven. This morning I woke up and fervently prayed that same prayer.

Then we all went downstairs to have breakfast. Afterward Joe told me to go take a shower, that maybe it would help me to feel better. I have to preface this all by saying that Malc loved to drink water from the shower, I guess he just liked it very fresh. Sometimes I would pour cold tap water from the sink onto the shower floor so he could have a drink in there.

Well I got out of the shower, wrapped up in a towel and Charlie pushed the bathroom door open and came in. He pointed to the shower door so excitedly and said "Cat, cat!" We opened the shower door to him and asked where the cat was and he eagerly pointed to this one spot on the shower floor. And then he did what he always used to do when he saw Malcolm. He leaned his head in to give the 'cat' a hug and kiss. He did it not once, but twice. And then pointed again and again saying, "Cat, cat, cat!" Then my son came over to me and, completely unprompted, gave me a soft gentle hug and leaned his head on me.

I literally felt God's presence in that moment.

Charlie hasn't started the whole 'pretend play' stage yet and he's never tried to hug or kiss thin air. I hadn't mentioned Malcolm to Charlie since Joe and I had taken him to the vet yesterday afternoon. I have to believe in my heart that Charlie, as a complete innocent, saw our sweet Malcolm. That Malcolm came to visit us and let me know that yesterday wasn't the end, it was a new beginning.

My skeptical, analytical engineer husband saw the whole thing and is completely convinced that it was a miracle. It gives me comfort, but oh do I miss him with everything in me. Tonight I'm trying to focus on how richly God blessed me today by sending me such a clear and moving message. Malcolm is in heaven and one day we will be together again.


Anonymous said...

Your post moved me to tears. I understand how much our animals are just as much apart of our family as any other memeber. Like yourself, my cat was my first 'baby' before I had a baby. You can see a post of my cat Abby here:
You know you are home when you see their face and at night feel their weight lean against you when you go to bed. Even though our animals are just cats, between you and I, they are so much more. It's a blessing to have faith and the gifts in our lives. It also moved me that your little boy gave you something at the tender age of a year and a half (more like God worked through him, but still!). How blessed are you! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. ~ Kim

Kristen said...

I think your son saw him, too. I truly think kids can see things that adults cannot. Malcolm came to say good bye and wish you well.

I had a similiar experience when both of my dogs passed away (within a few years of each other). The night after the second one passed away, I dreamt that I was looking for them and found them, hiding and playing, under a blanket. And they were so happy together that I knew they were letting me know that they were happy to be reunited.

I hope you have a great New Year!

Brooke said...

Oh I am so sorry to hear about Malcolm, Kelly. But that is so sweet about Charlie. I know Malcolm is smiling down and waiting on you guys to come see him one day.

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