Thursday, September 3, 2009

My sweet, gentle boy

Do you know your Mama misses you as soon as she places you in your little bed? The moment I close your bedroom door, I look forward to seeing you again. Each day, though I didn't think it possible, my heart swells a little more with love for you.

Each morning , though it takes you a few minutes to 'warm up' just like your Daddy, you are so excited to explore your world. This week your favorite word is 'dirt'. Other favorites are hi, uh oh, mama, and light. You've taken up reading in the car (mainly books on tractors and the farm), which I find hilarious but so adorable too.

You already have mastered the art of flirtation because every time I say, "Charlie, do eyes" you bat your eyelashes and blink like an old pro. You are also learning where your ears and nose are.

Today you were in love with keys and locks and tried to twist my car keys into every cabinet knob in the kitchen (once you finished with the doors). You still love pointing at everything and directing me with your pointer finger demands, ha. You're also trying to communicate so much more with nodding yes and no.

A first for today: we played with sidewalk chalk on the driveway and you had fun drawing scribbles on the ground.

My prayer, sweet little bean, is that you will always know how much of a treasure you are to me and to the Lord.
Love, Mama

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