Monday, June 8, 2009

Hide & Seek

Since I was a major mommy slacker and didn't take official 13 month shots, this will have to suffice. The problem is Charlie will not sit still in his chair anymore. Come to think of it, he won't stay put anywhere. I have to take about 170 shots to get hmm 2 that are passable.

Here the bean is playing his favorite game- hide and seek.

You would never think, by looking at these shots, that we have had a really tough last four days. Tonight (and last night too) Charlie cried so hard when I was trying to get him down to sleep that he threw up everywhere, in his crib, on the floor etc. I think I have made my lifetime quota of vomit clean-up this past year. Then the poor guy was feeling so badly he was up multiple times during the night.

All I'm praying for tonight is a quiet night where my little man (and Mama and Daddy) can get some good quality sleep and wake up tomorrow feeling better.

Oh and I must leave on a positive note- last night Charlie said his first two syllable word-Malcolm (our kitty's name!) I wouldn't have believed it but Joe was standing right there beside me and heard him.

He is really trying to imitate our speech, this past weekend we heard several times what sounded like"I love you". Not that he understands any of it, but it's amazing to watch his little mind work.

Wishing everyone a peaceful night.


Marie said...

Oh my...what a cutie pie he is! Those blue eyes are beautiful. Enjoy this age - they grow so fast.


Amanda said...

Can you believe how old he is already?!? He looks like a little more baby. So handsome!

Danse said...

He's so adorable! It looks like his hair is a bit thicker now. And I love that he said Malcolm!!!

Wishing you and your family a good nights sleep.


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