Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Weekend Review

Friday night was my 30th birthday and coincidentally it was amazingly beautiful outside, so Joe and I decided to take the bean out to dine alfresco with us. Everyone else in our town apparently had the same idea so we were seated inside our chosen Italian restaurant- not a big deal unless you take into account how loud a toddler can be.

We order our food and the very kind waiter hands us crayons for Charlie. I was very proud of my little man, instead of trying to eat them he actually played with them and had fun decorating the table---until he discovered the wall right next to him. Charlie thought the wall needed some color so he insisted on using the crayons. Each time he reached and attempted I would say 'no' pull them away from him, which would lead to loud protesting.

Then the food came and Charlie felt the table, floor and walkway could also use some sprucing up so he started launching his food everywhere. Deep breath. In addition to spraying the area with mini food missiles, the bean could not sit still and so he was doing acrobatics in the high chair, trying to fling himself off the edge. We asked for the check after I was able to wolf down a few bites.

Then we topped the night off with near vomiting 6 times, and crying for 45 mins until we could get him to settle down to sleep. Lesson learned. The bean cannot do dinner but he can lunch in a somewhat civilized manner.

Saturday we made a trip up to a Sears Outlet (scratch and dent) for appliances for the new house. We ended up spending five hours up there and in some karmic move Charlie was a complete angel. He had tons of fun sitting on the tractors and playing with Daddy. When we left Sears at 7pm we were starving (I fed Charlie in the car) and picked up some Burger King. Charlie seemed like he still wanted a little something to eat, so I gave him tiny pieces of chicken. Bad idea. He threw up in the car, but luckily I was able to contain the mess. Next week we go to see a new specialist.

I cannot believe how active my little man is now. He is walking like a champ and talking more every day. Favorite words right now are light, up, off and red...oh and Dada. But he hasn't said Mama in a looonnng time :o(

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