Thursday, April 2, 2009

Whirlwind week

Having a house on the market makes for a bad blogger. Today alone was absolutely insane. We had a brokers open house and three appointments for walk-throughs. Charlie and I were out of the house from 9am-6pm! So exhausting.

When Charlie's napping I'm cleaning, when he's sleeping I'm cleaning and when he's awake I'm cleaning. I've mastered the art of holding a 25ish lb baby and vacuuming. The silver lining-I've lost 7 lb pounds in two weeks and my arms are the most toned they have ever been in my life!

I am praying our house sells soon because I don't feel like we can really 'live' in it anymore. I practically follow Charlie around with the dust buster in tow. Forgive me while I run off to my bed to lose myself in a silly romance novel, because this Mama needs a break!

Next time I'll be posting my monthly update and where we are in birthday preparations. T minus 26 days to go, Ahhh!

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Brooke said...

We're having our house appraised sometime within the next few days, so I totally understand your pain on trying to keep the house spotless with a baby! Granted mine's not moving around yet and even now it's hard as crap! Get some rest, you definitely need it!


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