Monday, February 23, 2009

Sleep, ha, what's that?!

Last night was another night where I contemplated how the human species has survived for so many millennia. Charlie has four teeth in various stage of breakthrough from swollen, painfully large red bumps, to raw open slices where the pearly white is finally showing through. Once again We.were.up.for.hours.And hours.And hours.

When he was crying so much that he couldn't even see through his tears to see that Noggin was on our TV I switched over to HGTV, what's the difference anyway? At least I could catch a few minutes of property virgins in between. Ha, ha does that even make sense? Does that sound cold hearted?

What I don't understand is why parents don't talk about teething (and how difficult it is) more. I was blissfully naive as to how horrendous a process this can be. Maybe it's that you can't understand until you're in the midst of it, I don't know.

Here's another random thought that passed through my cerebral cortex last night. Why do people have to have sooooo many teeth- are they all completely necessary?! I'll leave you with that profound thought to ponder ha, ha...


Danse said...

Ugh, I'm sorry, I hope it gets better soon. And as far as teeth go - we know wisdom teeth aren't necessary since many people get them pulled (or are actually born without them).

Anonymous said...

I sympathize but fair warning, the back teeth are even more of a bear for them. They seem to take longer to cut. I'm not sure how you feel about this but with Henry I definately didn't hesitate to give him Tylenol at night. It helped him with the pain, and everyone to sleep. I noticed the better the sleep at night, the better we are during the day and around one another. I know that it almost makes our lovable boys almost seem to disappear when they are dealing with teething. It will get better and you'll hardly remember it. Hang in there!


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