Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Oh my...

Wow, I am nearly at a loss for words on how last night went. Nearly.

The bean cried/moaned/sobbed/writhed from 10pm to 3:30am with short bouts of non-projectile-crying in between. How desperate were Joe and I for sleep you ask? Well let's say that at about 2am we powered up Joe's laptop navigated to a Veggietales video on Hulu.com and then propped the laptop onto the ottoman in Charlie's bedroom, put him in the crib and tried to get him to fall asleep watching tv just to try and find some peace for everyone in the house, Malcolm included. The end result to an impromptu movie theatre in the bean's room: notsogood.

I have to say there were times last night where I just felt like I didn't have it in me to be totally present for Charlie because I was sooo incredibly exhausted/drained/sleep deprived for days/call it whatever you want. Thank God for Joe is all I can say.

The only thing that dragged my sorry butt out of bed today was the early morning walk-in hours at my pedis. Charlie has a nasty virus that we're going to have to ride it out on top of the reflux, leftover stomach bug issues and really bad teething we're dealing with. Please Charlie's teeth break through soon for my sanity's sake.

Today, with the exception of Charlie wanting to superglue himself to my body when he was awake, he was in much better spirits. Prayers for a good night sleep with be at the top of my list for my bedtime routine tonight.

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Olive said...

Oh Kelly, you are allowed to feel tired and defeated. It is 100% acceptable and normal! I am so sorry you and C are having such a rough time. I really can't even imagine.

You are much stronger than you give yourself credit for.


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