Sunday, January 18, 2009

::Sigh:: If only...

...I could have eyelashes like Charlie.

PS~We're sleeping through more nights than we aren't! Yeah!


Jen said...

it's seems as though every guy i know (and little boys) have the best eyelashes and eyebrows ever. meanwhile, i get short lashes that i need to add extra crap to to make them look better, and i have to spend hours in the mirror tweezing these runaway eyebrows of mine... if i didn't, they'd go from half of my forehead to the middle of my lid.... gross, right?

sept said...

so glad to hear this finally! i've been catching your posts here and there and hoping that charlie would start to cooperate in the sttn department.

i miss you hun! porter's crawling all over the place now, pulling himself up, holding onto table tops with one hand. :)

charlie's still too cute for his own good. i love the photo story with malcolm!


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