Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our seventh month


Your mother is getting extremely delinquent in posting her monthly updates. Your seven month letter is coming eight days before your nine month birthday, ack! What can I say, you keep me very busy ha, ha!
You became even more vocal. One day when I was feeding you in your high chair you decided to try out your voice and shouted at the top of your lungs. I jumped at your outburst and you thought my reaction was hilarious, so you decided to repeat it over and over, laughing in between shouts (your arms would come together too, Daddy thought you looked like one of those stuffed animals with the belly that squaeks when you push it). Now you enjoy doing it off and on for kicks. That and you've been practicing you "sss" noise a lot, like a little snake. We do it back and forth to each other. You've also been practicing your mamamas and dadadas much more.

You perfected rolling, if rolling were a sport you would be an Olympian my dear. The speed at which you flip your body around is quite impressive and reminiscent of a bowling ball. You started the building blocks for crawling with your tummy off the floor and lots of rocking. The one night you just decided to get up off your belly- it was magic and I was in awe.

We've gotten more adventurous with the foods we try out and its been so much fun seeing your reaction to it all, the faces you make are priceless.
Your first Christmas Eve was memorable. You did fantastic at the church service, flirting with every girl you could make eye contact with.
Then Christmas day you opened presents, played with your cousins, spent time with Mima and your aunts (aka fairy godmothers) & grandma and grandpa. By the end of the night you (and I) were pretty exhausted. Then on the 26th your gift for Mommy and Daddy came- your first tooth! You weathered it like a champ and thank goodness are now feeling much better.

My sweet boy, I can never say enough how blessed I feel to have you in my life. You bring meaning and joy to everything and everywhere we go, people see the beauty radiating in your little heart and sweet smile-strangers are always compelled to tell me so. You've already touched many lives and made so many people smile just by being you. Always know that you are a gift to this world; one of the Lord's children. Always know you are loved.

Your lucky Mama


Olive said...

Kelly, you are just too gorgeous and a wonderful mother to boot.

It just isn't fair.


Amanda said...

I saw an add for baby stuff and the baby looked just like yours!! He could be in a magazine! Too cute!

Kelly said...

Olive and Amanda, you two ladies can come around my house any day!! Your sweet remarks just made my evening :o)

sept said...

this post makes me miss you so much! ::tear::


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