Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year :o)

I cannot believe that it's officially 2009. Joe and I rang in the new year by cooking dinner and late night appetizers together, watching TheTwilight Zone marathon on SciFi channel, reading and tending to our teething little man. Poor guy just had another bottom tooth pop through today. Teething seriously bites.

I've made a resolution to be more healthy this year and Joe and I are also going to attempt to make January complaint-free. Instead of being negative we want to focus on all the amazing things happening in our life together. We've also made a pact to say three things we are thankful for at dinnertime, in addition to grace.

Below are some random shots from bath time the other night, Charlie is currently enthralled with bubbles. Everything is magical in a baby's eyes :o)


Anonymous said...

What kind of soap do you use for his bubbles? I think E would love some bubbles but I dont know what kind to use that wont hurt his lil' eyes! :0)
Your little bean is so freakin' cute!

Danse said...

Happy New Year to you and you're family. I think those are some wonderful resolutions.

Also, I love the "teething bites" pun :o)

Kelly said...

Sandy- The soap we used is Gerber Grins & Giggles Baby Wash. It's tear free, hypoallergenic and comes in different scents like gentle lavender. The bean loves it.

Thanks Danse and happy new year to you!


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