Sunday, December 21, 2008

Not exactly out of the woods...

This weekend was not the best when it came to Charlie's reflux battles. Things used to be much, much worse: vomiting nearly every meal. Now we usually have one throw-up a day and it isn't too bad. Listen to me talking about vomit at length-only a mommy.

Every night this weekend Charlie had a full out projectile vomit, where he soaked himself, me the gilder, and this one is a new one-my hair. In the past I was smart enough to keep my hair in a pony most of the day...

The timing is what gets me. We are all cleaned up and ready for bed. With the colder weather Charlie is now essentially bundled in three layers because he can't have a blanket in his crib(he does laps around his bed at night). He has a long-sleeve onesie, feety pajamas and a fleece sleep sack.

Now the bean, like any typical male, is not a fan of clothing, so it's a battle to keep him happy while getting him dressed. When he throws up all over the place, having to change all those clothes leads to one very unhappy bean that was already peeved in the first place.

It also is a big bummer to have Charlie do this so late for selfish reasons of my own- I know that means we are going to have a bad night with multiple wakings. Not that we don't do that only a daily basis as it is now. But this makes for an especially 'wakeful' night.

My pedi told me that at this point Charlie should be able to make it through the night. I can't imagine what bliss that must be. I get impressions of a tropical beach paradise where the warm ocean water is lapping ticklishly at my toes and the sun is warming my cheeks.

The pedi gave me the name of a sleep specialist. I know older generations may scoff at this and laugh, but I am close to desperation at this point. I need sleep. This specialist is pricey, but will work with you via email for a fee of $35 per correspondence. So in an attempt to provide this woman with as much information as is possible in one email I have kept an extremely detailed log for the past week of all Charlie's activities, nocturnal and diurnal. How -do you ask- am I spending my Sunday night? Well I will be entering all of my collected data into a spreadsheet because I'm crazy like that. I know you envy me ;o)

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