Saturday, August 30, 2008

Very Superstitious...

As a new Mommy I have become extremely careful of what I say, fearful of the possible repercussions. It seems as though every time I verbalize that Charlie is doing better, he undoubtedly takes a turn for the worse soon after.

My poor bean came down with his first cold on his four month birthday. In addition to the cold, his reflux, which had leveled off for a few days, started to aggravate too. Tonight he threw up five or six times (I lost count after I was drenched and he was drenched several times over). I'm not sure if it was from the mucous in his throat or the reflux, but it happened to be right after I said I thought he was getting much better-guess not! But I digress...

I have also been apprehensive in answering questions about Charlie's sleeping habits. He has been such a good sleeper-when he feels well-that I feel like he is an angel baby. It's as though I need a charm or wood to knock on when I answer that question!

This morning I was clearing out Charlie's closest of the onesies and other clothes that are too small for him. I came across this really cute one-piece feety-pajama and thought maybe I'll give this a try for bedtime instead of the onesie and sleep sack I've been doing over the past several weeks. Then I thought again and said 'if it aint broke don't fix it!'

It's crazy but I feel as though the "path of mommyhood" that I'm walking down is covered in eggshells. Hopefully we'll find more solid ground around the next bend.

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